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Internet Explorer size and position

Internet Explorer does not consistently remember the size and position of the last window closed. The fix that is usually suggested is to hold down the control key while clicking the button in the upper right corner to close IE. Sometimes this procedure works, but sometimes it does not, even when performed repeatedly.

If you would like to have IE open in exactly the same size and position all the time, you can modify the registry entry that controls this. The registry key is:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]

*************** WARNING ***************
Modifying the registry can be dangerous.
Be sure to follow the instructions in your Windows help file to backup your registry before making any modifications. If you do not understand how to safely modify your registry, ask your network administrator for help before proceeding.

This key contains a REG-BINARY value that appears to control both the size and position of the default IE window. The values do not appear to be documented, but you should be able to use existing values from your registry.

You can automate the process of restoring a given registry value by creating a text file in REG format.


When you (finally) get IE to open in the correct position, run RegEdit and navigate to the key and replace the data in the example above with the data in your registry. Be sure the last line in the file is a blank line and save the file with a .reg extension.

Whenever IE fails to open in the desired position, even after you try the hold control and close method, you can close all IE windows and run the reg file to restore your size and position settings by double-clicking this file in Windows Explorer.

The above has been tested under Vista Business with Internet Explorer 8.0.6.

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