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Register Software

To register Incode Systems, Inc. (ISI) software:

  1. Download InstKey.exe to the same directory as your program on a local drive.
  2. Run InstKey.exe (double-click in Explorer).
  3. E-Mail the file: InstKey.key as an attachment to register1 [at] with the name of the program you are registering as the subject.
  4. You will receive a file named {program}.isi by return e-mail (where {program} is the name of the program you are registering).
  5. Save the file named {program}.isi to the same directory as the program you are registering.

If you move the software to another computer, you will need to register the program for the new computer.

Software offered by Incode Systems, Inc. (ISI) is commercial copyrighted software licensed to the user.
ISI assumes no liability whatsoever for any problems incurred through the use of this software.
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. See License for details.