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Enterprise System Launch

The launch program for Enterprise System is shown above. This launch program may be configured by the Enterprise System Administrator from their desk to define the menu selections available to groups of users or individual users. Also, the launch program may be used to launch any program, not just the programs which make up the Enterprise System. Enterprise System is a complete solution for managing users' desktops by remote administration.

Most large systems present users with a complete set of menu selections for the entire system forcing users to wade through all the selections they never use in order to get to the ones they do use. The Enterprise System Menu makes it easy for administrators to configure a particular user, or group of users, to have only the menu selections they use. Furthermore, users may select their most frequently used items as Favorites so they appear as buttons on the toolbar. Administrators have the flexibility to name these menu selections as they choose, making the entire menu completely customizable.

Setting up a menu selection in the Enterprise System Menu is very similar to setting up a shortcut in Windows. The icon of the selected program appears in the menu list (as well as the toolbar button, if selected as a Favorite). If desired, the icon for any selection may be changed to the icon of a different program, or to a custom icon. Enterprise System includes a program called WinView which may be used to extract icons from any program or DLL, and create new icons of your own. These could be icons with your company logo, for example, or any other picture you want to use for the icon, including pictures you draw yourself.

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