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(Last modified: Monday, September 4, 2017 1:46 pm)

Google Play update error codes 907, 963

These errors usually follow an attempt to update an app from the Google Play Store.

If this error follows nearly every attempt to update any app, it is likely that the current version of the Google Play Store app itself has a bug. This app updates itself and the problem may be resolved with the next update, but here are steps you can take that may fix the problem before the update.

Open Settings, (scroll Connections / My Device... to the right and select More), open Application Manager. Scroll Downloaded, SD Card... to the right to All, scroll down and tap on Google Play Store.

First try CLEAR CACHE button, then try to install one application.

If that doesn't work, return to the page and try CLEAR DATA button and try to install one application.

If that doesn't work, it is likely that the currently installed version of Google Play Store has a bug. Tap the UNINSTALL UPDATES button to revert to the factory version of Google Play Store. You can tell if you are on the factory version because this button will not appear when on the factory version. So, if you have the problem in the future, check to see if the UNINSTALL UPDATES button is visible. That would indicate the Google Play Store app updated itself to the same version containing the bug and you will need to uninstall the updates again.