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Roman - (C) Copyright 2007, Incode Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Roman converts decimal numbers to roman numerals and roman numerals to decimal numbers.

In addition, it will automatically convert a number on the clipboard to the other type.

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Enter a number between 1 and 3999 on the left
and press Enter or click the [Convert ->] button
to convert a decimal number to roman numerals.
4000 and up are represented with the letters MDCLXV written
with a horizontal line above the letter indicating a value 1000
times the normal value.

Enter a roman numeral on the right and press Enter or
click the [<- Convert] button to convert to decimal.
Note that non-standard roman numerals may converted to
decimal and then converted back to standard roman numerals
(example: VVVVVVVV converts to 40 which converts to XL).

To convert the contents of the clipboard, press the [Clip]
button or Right-Click on the Taskbar button and select
Clip from the menu.