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(09-18-1992 12:00pm XMODEM.EXE)
XMODEM - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1990. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: Mode FileName [Port]
Where: Port is 1 or 2, defaults to 2, or "MODEM=" in the environment
Mode is R (to receive) or S (to send)
FileName is the name of the file to send or receive.
XMODEM is an external protocol driver for conducting file transfers
in conjunction with communications programs.
XMODEM sets the DOS ERRORLEVEL to 0 to indicate successful transfer
ERRORLEVEL is 1 when a communications error or timeout has occurred,
or if ERRORLEVEL>1, then the number is a DOS I/O error number.
ERRORLEVEL=255 indicates a syntax error on the command line.
XMODEM writes status messages to the screen showing the progress
of the file transfer. These may be suppressed by adding an Q (quiet) to
to the MODE (RQ or SQ).
XMODEM automatically changes the protocol to N,8,1, and changes it.
back to what it was on exit.