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(Windows 95 or higher)

XLImport - Copyright (C) 2003-2012, Incode Systems, Inc.
version 2.1.2 mailto:sales1Usage: [-Option] ImportFileName[.txt] [XLSFileName[.xls]]

XLImport uses Excel OLE Automation to import a tab-delimited text file to an
XLS file. If the file exists, a new sheet is created for the imported sheet.
If XLSFileName is not given, ImportFileName is used with an .xls extension.
-ParmFileName is the name of a text file containing
one parameter per line. Parameters on the command line containing spaces
should be surrounded by double quote characters. Lines in ParmFile should not.
HeaderFile may be embedded in ParmFile by surrounding the file lines with:
FormatFile may be embedded in ParmFile by surrounding the file lines with:
-AF- Suppress AutoFit (automatic column width).
-AS Appends rather than prepends new sheet to existing XLS file.
-DA Display Excel alerts (suppressed by default).
-F:FormatFileName Tab delimited file with Excel column formats
example: #,##0.00 (see Excel Custom formats for details)
If format ends with ~9.25, column width is set to 9.25
-FONT:FontName:Size[,Bold,Italic,Underline] Examples:
-FONT:Arial:8 "-FONT:Arial Black:12,Bold,Italic"
"-FONT:Arial Black:12,Bold,Italic"
-G Print Gridlines
-G- Do NOT Print Gridlines (default)
-H:HeaderFileName Tab delimited header file (multiple rows allowed)
(Default is column names from first row of ImportFileName)
Columns preceeded with > are merged and centered
(merged and centered across subsequent blank columns)
Columns preceeded with _ are merged, centered, and underlined
Columns preceeded with are centered
Columns preceeded with < are WrapText. centers and wraps.
Last line of file is used as column heading row, unless -H is used.
-H Force column heading row from ImportFileName (use with -H:)
-H- ImportFileName contains no header row.
-HB Bold column headings (default)
-HB- Do not make column headings bold
-HC Center column headings (default)
-HC- Do not center column headings (left justify)
-L Sets up printing for Landscape
-NoFreeze Suppress freezing header row(s)
-ML:n Margin Left n inches
-MR:n Margin Right n inches
-MT:n Margin Top n inches
-MB:n Margin Bottom n inches
-MH:n Margin Header n inches
-MF:n Margin Footer n inches
-O Overwrite XLS file. Default is to add a new tab if XLS already exists.
-PW:n Print n pages wide (use 0 for not defined)
-PT:n Print n pages tall (use 0 for not defined)
-R Run spreadsheet when import is complete.
-R1 Temporarily change ReferenceStyle to R1C1.
Default temporarily changes ReferenceStyle to A1.
-SN:SheetName (default is ImportFileName without the extension)
Function is appended to the last row for specified columns 1,2,n
Function is any Excel function that accepts a range as a single argument
Key is the column number of the control column
1,2,n are the column numbers to be subtotaled
Note: there are no spaces between any characters in the Subtotal parameters
May not be used with -Total
-T:Title Example: "-T:Title for Printing~Second Line~Third Line"
-TL: Title Example: "-TL:Left Title for Printing" (default: run time
-TR: Title Example: "-TR:Right Title for Printing" (default: Page 1 of 5)
-U- Suppress column heading underline.
-ul:n update links (default is 0 to NOT update links, 3 updates links)
(warning: if -ul:3 is used and data is not found, a dialog will open)
-Z:n Zoom percent

Column formats are derived from the first line of ImportFileName
or the last line of HeaderFileName if -H- option used.
Column name ends with a tilde (~) followed by a format number (ex: MyCol~2):
General Format = 1
Text Format = 2
MDY Date Format = 3
DMY Date Format = 4
YMD Date Format = 5
MYD Date Format = 6
DYM Date Format = 7
YDM Date Format = 8
Skip Column = 9
If no format is given with the column name, General Format is used.
Format is optionally followed by Number Format and Column Width:
Example: MyCol~1~#,##0.00~9.25
(Column named MyCol, General Format, #,##0.00 number format, 9.25 width)
If FormatFileName or ParmFileName is given, they override Column name
ERRORLEVEL is 0 if Ok, or one of the following:
1 - ImportFileName not found
2 - Unable to overwrite XLSFileName
3 - Excel not found.
4 - Excel error.
5 - Too many rows.

XLImport - Copyright (C) 2003-2012, Incode Systems, Inc.
version 2.1.2 mailto:sales1To read complete help type: XLImport | MORE