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(Windows 95 or higher)

XLFormat - Copyright (C) 2003-2012, Incode Systems, Inc.
version 1.1.5 mailto:salesUsage: [-Option] XLSFileName[.xls] [FormatFileName[.xlf]]

XLFormat uses Excel OLE Automation to format an XLS spreadsheet.
If FormatFileName is not given, default is XLSFileName with an .xlf extension
-H:HeaderFileName Tab delimited header file (multiple rows allowed)
(Default is DBF column names (MaxLength=10), use NUL for no header)
-H Force column heading row from ImportFileName (use with -H:)
-F:FormatFileName Tab delimited header file with Excel column formats
-FONT:FontName:Size[,Bold,Italic,Underline] Examples: -F:Arial:8 "-F:Arial Black:12,Bold,Italic"
-T:Title Example: "-T:Title for Printing~Second Line~Third Line"
-L Sets up printing for Landscape
-NoFreeze Suppress freezing header row(s)
Key is the column number of the control column
Function is Sum,Count,Average,Max,Min,Product,CountNums,StdDev,StdDevP,Var,VarP
1,2,n are the column numbers to be subtotaled
Note: there are no spaces between any characters in the Subtotal parameters
-ul:n update links (default is 0 to NOT update links, 3 updates links)
(warning: if -ul:3 is used and data is not found, a dialog will open)
ERRORLEVEL is 0 if Ok, or one of the following:
1 - FormatFileName not found
2 - Unable to overwrite XLSFileName
3 - Excel not found.
4 - Excel error.
5 - Too many rows.