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X12_PRT - (C) Copyright 1998 Glenn B. Lawler. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: InFile OutFile
Reads an ANSI X12 file and writes
a formatted text output for use with PAGE to OutFile.
Each document is formatted based on a template named X12Spec.XDF
Where X12Spec is the Version and number of the ANSI X12 Document.
Example: 3030850.XDF).
Template file may optionally contain .HE: and .HE defining column
header. Remainder of the file is blocks of lines which begin with
the segment ID preceed by a colon. The remainder of the block is
one line per element in the form n:A:W, or n:N:W or n:N:W:D, where n is
the element number, A designates an alpha element, W indicates a width,
and D a number of decimal places. A/t20 means tab 20 spaces before
writing field, A/n means start a new line after writing field.
ERRORLEVEL is set to 1 if Errors encountered.