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(Windows 95 or higher)
(09-29-2003 4:22pm WINVIEW.EXE)

WINVIEW is a windows-based program for loading, saving, and viewing windows image files (BMP, WMF, ICO).

In addition, a number of conversions from one format to the other is supported. Also, WinView extracts icons from program files and saves them as ICO files.

WinView is a useful tool for HTML authors. You may load an image file with WinView and point at pixels on the screen. WinView will put the color of the pixel on the clipboard in HTML format. This feature makes it easy to match a background color of an HTML page to the color of an image, for example.

WinView may be used to create or modify icon files.

Here's how:

Step 1. Extract an icon from a program and save it as a BMP file.

Step 2. Use the Paint program included with Windows to modify the BMP file.

Step 3. Load the modified file into WinView and save it as an ICO file