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(Windows 95 or higher)
(04-10-2002 02:56pm VIEWPRT.EXE)

View Print views and prints text files.
Any text file may be viewed. For printing, files are assumed to be files containing form feed characters (ASCII 12) and the file is assumed to have it's widest line within the first page of the file.

When printing, the first page of the file (to the first form feed character) is read. The line count and the length of the longest line from the first page are used to automatically change to Landscape, if necessary to accomodate the longest line. If the longest line still does not fit the printer page, the font is reduced in size from a maximum of 20 points to a minimum of 6 points to fit the printer page width. The same process is used to reduce the font size to accomodate the number of lines on the printer page. If more than 150 lines are read without encountering a form feed, ViewPrt assumes the file does not use form feed characters and does not attempt to resize the font based on page length.