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(05-10-1991 9:18am VERMGR.EXE)
This program compares an old version of a fixed record length
data file with a new version and writes a changefile containing
only the records which were changed or added, along with their
record numbers. The change file name is generated from OldFile
name with the extension changed to .001 .. .999.
In the Make Mode, the old version of the file
is processed with as many change files as needed to produce the
new version at the Date and Time Specified.

The program assumes no records have been deleted, and that all
new records are added to the bottom of the file.

Usage: Mode OldFile NewFile RecordLength [[MM-DD-YY] [HH:MM:SS]]
or : Mode OldFile NewFile RecordLength ChgFile
Where: Mode is -d (delta) or -m (make)

If ChgFile is given in -d mode, the name given overrides the
generated file name with a numbered extension
If ChgFile is given in -m mode, only that change file is processed
If no date or time or ChgFile is given in -m mode, current date
and time are used.
In Delta mode, the Date and Time of the ChangeFile is set to that
of the NewFile, providing an easy way to determine the exact version
a given ChangeFile represents.
In Make mode, the NewFile Data and Time are set to that of the last
ChangeFile, generating a copy of the NewFile with the same date/time.