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Upload is web server utility for saving uploaded files to a web server.

By default, it saves any number of uploaded files in a single post to unique file names in the same directory where it is installed. An Upload.cfg file may be included which controls the drive and directory where the uploaded files are saved. Upload "methods" may be defined in the Upload.cfg file which may be included on the query string which invokes the program; each method may have it's own set of settings:

MaxUploadFileSize - the maximum file size allowed for uploads
ReserveDiskFree - Prevents users from filling the drive with uploads
OutputFileName - Name of the output file, may be MyFile_ ( is replaced with a serial number)
OutputFilePath - Directory where uploaded files are saved.
OutputFilePrefix - Three letter prefix to use for unique file
RedirectLocation - Page to redirect to after successful file upload
(If not given, a default status page is returned)
AllowNoUploadMethod=1 - only methods defined in the Upload.cfg file allowed

OutputFileName may also be set by including an input control (hidden or visible) containing a file name before each file upload input control. If a control name is encountered where name=filename (or any other name beginning with filename, like name=filename_1), the value of the control assigned to OutputFileName which will be used for the next file upload control encountered.

Use SaveFile for diagnosing file upload problems.