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(02-04-2002 5:32pm TEXTCONV.EXE)
TEXTCONV - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1994. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: Mode [InFile] [OutFile]
Where: Mode is:
TAB2CSV - Reads Tab delimited file, writes Comma Separated Variable
Double quotes (ASCII 34) replaced with 2 single quotes (ASCII 39)
CSV2TAB - Reads Comma Separated Variable file, writes TAB delimited.
FIX2TAB@FileName - Reads fixed field file, writes TAB delimited.
FileName is the name of a text file defining field lengths, 1 per line
as follows: Tn, where T is a type code, n is field length.
Type codes: A(Alpha, fixed), @(Alpha, trimmed right), !(Alpha both)
N(Numeric, fixed), #(Numeric, trimmed left)
Implied decimal (1-9 allowed) example: N7.2 (7 wide, 2 decimal places)
Comments at end of line preceeded by ";"
Maximum number of fields is 32000
FIX2CSV@FileName - Reads fixed field file, writes CSV.

Field length limited to 255, line length is unlimited.