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(Windows 95 or higher command line utility)

Template - Copyright (C) 2009, Incode Systems, Inc.
version 0.9

Usage: [options] Template [InputFile [OutputFile]]

Template reads a template from the command line (or a file)
and replaces each marker character in the template with the
value read from the input.
If the Template given begins with @, it is assumed to be
a file, and the Template is read from the file.
If InputFile is not given, Standard Input is used.
If OutputFile is not given, Standard Output is used.
Line length is limited only by available memory.

-? (display this usage)
-m (change template marker from % to -n & (change newline marker from ~ to &)

Template "CD %" (if input is writes CD To view complete usage, type:
Template -?| more