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(Windows 95 or higher command line utility)

TabCalc - Copyright (C) 2012, Incode Systems, Inc.
Version 0.9.1 mailto:sales1Usage: [Options] FileName[.txt] [OutputFile[.txt]] Expression

Performs calculations on a tab file.

TabCalc processes tab-delimited text files, reading FileName and
writing to OutputFile. If OutputFile is not given, FileName is
replaced with the TabCalc output. If FileName not given, standard
input is used. Use CON to refer to standard input or output.

If a column is double quoted, it may contain embedded Tab, CR, and LF.
Embedded double quotes are escaped by doubling them (ex: "A ""B"" C").

A new column is added containing the result of Expression.
Expression contains column names from header row in an algebraic formula.
If no header row, C1, C2, etc. are used to refer to columns.
Any column containing a string that is not a number is treated as zero.
If Expression is SUM, all columns are summed.

-? write this help to the standard output.
"-colhead:Column Heading" Column heading for calculated column (default:Calc)
(format above produces: 1,100.00 for 1100, (1,100.00) for -1100
and 0.00 for 0)
-ff:Currency (uses the regional settings for currency with default decimals)
-ff:Currency:4 (uses the regional settings for currency with 4 decimals)
-foot (total all columns)
-foot:n,n,n (specifies columns to be totaled)
-h- (no header row. Default is file contains header row)
--help open TabCalc.htm in the same directory as the program.

Surround option, file name, or expression containing a space with double quotes

Expressions are like JavaScript and may contain the following operators:
*, % (mod), +, -, >> (shiftright), << (shiftleft),
>, >=, <, <=, ==, != (<>), & (bit and), (xor),
| (bit or), && (logical and), || (logical or),

UnaryOperators: ! (not), ~ (bit not), +, -,

Functions (case sensitive): abs, acos, asin, atan, ceil, cos, exp, floor,
log, random, round, sin, sqrt, tan

ConstantValues (case sensitive):
LN10 = 2.3025850929940459011
LN2 = 0.69314718055994528623
LOG10E = 0.43429448190325181667
LOG2E = 1.442695040888963387
PI = 3.1415926536

Operator precedence is observed.

TabCalc - Copyright (C) 2012, Incode Systems, Inc.
Version 0.9.1 mailto:sales1To see complete usage type: TabCalc -? | MORE
To see full documentation type: TabCalc --help (or open TabCalc.htm)