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(11-11-1993 9:19am SHOWLOGO.EXE)
SHOWLOGO - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1991-1993. All Rights Reserved.

(Includes portions of SHOW_PCX. Used by permission of ZSoft Corporation)
Usage: PCX_FileToDisplay [Options]
Options are:
Seconds: the number of seconds to display (keypress quits).
(default is wait for keypress)
FadeIn: causes image to fade in.
FadeOut: causes image to fade out.
NoBlank: causes image to remain on screen after exit
(screen is cleared by default)

FadeInSteps=n (number of fadein steps, default=64)
FadeInDelay=n (number of milliseconds between steps, default=0)
FadeOutSteps=n (number of fadeout steps, default=64)
FadeOutDelay=n (number of milliseconds between steps, default=0)