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(see also SENDMAIL (windows))

Usage: [options] ProfileName Password SendTo SendCC SendBCC Subject Message Attachments

Options: -n Resolve Names -r Return Receipt -l Logon Dialog -s New Session

ProfileName = (future use)
Password = (future use)
SendTo = One or more E-Mail names as shown in the MSMail Address Book
(Multiple names separated with a semicolon ";") and surrounded by double quotes.
SendCC = CC (carbon copy) recipients (same form as SendTo)
SendBCC = BCC (blind carbon copy) recipients (same form as SendTo)
Subject = Subject surrounded by double quotes

Message = Message surrounded by double quotes (or filename)
Attachments = One or more file names (same form as SendTo)

SENDMAIL does not interpret the command line above, but passes it to
a MAPI Mail Server which executes the command line.
A file named SENDMAIL.INI in the same directory as SENDMAIL.EXE contains:
Which is the fully qualified Path of the Job Queue of the MAPI E-Mail Server.

Usage: @SMFFile
Moves SMFFile to unique name in JobQueue with .SMF extension.
This DOS version of SENDMAIL allows DOS machines to send MAPI E-Mail.