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(01-17-1996 10:33am REV.EXE)
Usage: [FirstLine] [LastLine] [InFile] [OutFile]
REV reverses the order of lines of text.
FirstLine is the first line of the text to reverse (default=1)
LastLine is the last line of the text to reverse (default=Last)
- 0 may be used to indicate the last line in the file
- negative number may be used indicate N lines from the last
InFile is the name of the file to reverse (default=StdIn)
OutFile is the created reversed file (default=StdOut)
InFile and OutFile may be same name.
Lines in file may not exceed 8191, or available memory.
Max line length is 255 (longer lines truncated)
Errorlevel is 1 if any I/O errors encountered, or file is too