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(Windows 95 or higher)

Outlookx - Copyright (C) 2011, Incode Systems, Inc. mailto:sales1Version 0.0.1

Outlookx uses OLE Automation to export data from Outlook.

Usage: ContactProps [FileName[.txt]]
Writes a text file of all Contacts Properties to FileName.

Usage: Contacts [FileName[.txt]] [[ Writes a tab-delimited text file of all Contacts to FileName.
If Properties is not given (or is "NUL"), a default set is used.
If Properties starts with "remainder is assumed to be a text
file, with a Property on each line of the file.
Use ContactProps mode to create text file of all properies
in use in your version of Outlook, then edit the file to
contain the properties you want in the order you want.
Spelling of properties is case specific.
Since the output is tab-delimited text, the following characters
are converted to escape sequences:
ASCII 9=10=13= If a contact does not have a property, the column contains "(n/a)".
If a property value is an object, the column contains "(object)".
Default property list:
LastName, FirstName, MiddleName, Email1DisplayName, Email1Address,
MobileTelephoneNumber, BusinessTelephoneNumber,
HomeTelephoneNumber, CompanyName, JobTitle, Department,
BusinessAddress, BusinessAddressStreet,
BusinessAddressPostOfficeBox, BusinessAddressCity,
BusinessAddressState, BusinessAddressPostalCode,
BusinessAddressCountry, HomeAddress, HomeAddressStreet,
HomeAddressPostOfficeBox, HomeAddressCity, HomeAddressState,
HomeAddressPostalCode, HomeAddressCountry, Body, CreationTime,

Usage: ContactDistLists [FileName[.txt]]
Writes a tab-delimited text file of Contact distribution lists to FileName.

If FileName is not given, or "CON", output is written to the standard output.

Column delimiter (default is ASCII 9)
If "#" is included, the next 3 characters are the decimal ASCII number.
To include "#", use "##".
If "is included, the next 2 characters are the hexidecimal ASCII number.
If "is included, the next 4 characters are the hexidecimal ASCII number.
or these escape sequences: To include "use "-e-
Do not escape ASCII 9, 10, 13, and "in the output.
(Empty Row) Do not output empty rows (all columns null).
(Empty Column) Do not output rows with any empty columns.
Do not include header row in the output.
Row delimiter. Enter same as -cd:

If any parameter or option contains a space, surround with double quotes.
(example: "-rd:of row]Outlookx - Copyright (C) 2011, Incode Systems, Inc. mailto:sales1Version 0.0.1

Register this program at:
Unregistered copies are limited by the number of exported items.
Registered users also have access to information about how to avoid
the outlook security prompt when exporting protected data.

To read complete help, type: Outlookx | MORE