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(Windows NT 3.5 and higher, runs from the server console)

NT Manager is a Network Administrators tool for checking open files on an NT Server. It also may be used to close open files.

This utility does what Server Manager does, with respect to open files, but in a much more flexible and efficient way. Server Manager only shows open files in a list sorted by user. This is fine if you are trying to determine exactly what a specific user has open. However, if you know a particular file is in use but you don't know who has it open, it can be a tedious process to scroll down the list searching for the file, especially if there is a large number open.

NT Manager displays a grid with columns for the User, ID, Locks, Extension, File Name, and Drive\Path\FileName. The grid may be sorted in either ascending or descending order by any of the columns by simply clicking on the column heading. Furthermore, you may do an incremental search on any of the columns for a particular value.

Once you have located the file(s) in which you are interested, you may close one or more files by selecting them in the grid and pressing the Close File button. Server Manager only allows closing all files or a single file at a time. This can be time consuming if you have a number of files to close but do not want to close all files.