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(12-02-1998 3:14pm NISTACTS.EXE)
NISTACTS calls the Automated Computer Time Service of the
National Institute of Standards and Technology and sets the
computer clock.

Usage: DialString TimeZone Daylight [Comport]
DialString is whatever needed to reach NISTACTS.
(commas may be used for a pause).
TimeZone is a number to add to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)
received from NISTACTS to calculate local time.
In the USA, for example, -5 is Eastern, -6 is Central, etc.
Daylight is Y if your area changes to daylight time, or N if not.
Comport is the number of the COM port.
(not needed if MODEM= is contained in environment, default=2)

Example: ATDT1-303-494-4774 -6 Y 1

Since the Time Service uses a 2 digit year, NISTACTS assumes if year
is > 90, the 4 digit year is calculated by adding 1900. If <=90,
2000 is added.
NISTACTS.LOG is appended with tab-delimited date, time, seconds_adjusted,
seconds_daily. ADJTIME.BAT is written with SETTIME seconds_daily is calcuated as ((seconds_adjusted/days)+prev_seconds_daily)