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(Windows 95 or higher command line utility)

MsgBeep - Copyright (C) 2011, Incode Systems, Inc.
Version 1.1.0 sales1Usage: [options] [SoundType]

Where SoundType is:
Console - to standard output
OK - System default
Speaker - Standard beep to computer speaker (not audio system)

-c:n Number of times to play the sound (ex: -c:5 plays 5 times)
-d:n Delay between plays in milliseconds. (ex: -d:500 delay 1/2 second)
(default is 500 milliseconds, if delay is too short, no sound is played)

If no SoundType is given, OK is used
The sound (wav) files associated with the sound type names
can be configured from the control panel.
Note: If MsgBeep produces no sound, it may be because the computer
has no sound hardware, or all sounds are turned off, or the speaker is muted.