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(Windows 95 or higher)

MkAction - Copyright (C) 2002, Incode Systems, Inc.

MkAction associates a file extension with a program.

Usage: R FileExt Desc Program [Parameters] [Icon] [Key]
Example: R .prt "Print file" "c:Files" ""%1"""
The example above registers the extension .prt with the description
"Print File"
(Note: If a parameter contains a space, surround it with double quotes,
To include a double quote in a parameter, double it as in the example.)

Icon is optional and specifies the name of the an icon file (.ico) or
the name of an .exe or .dll file followed by a comma and the icon number.
Example: "c:FilesIf Icon is not given, the default is icon 0 of Program.

Key is a unique key to be used in the registry to refer to this association.
If Key is not given, a key is generated. If extension is .prt, the
key generated is: prt_auto_file

Usage: A FileExt Action Program [Parameters] [Key]
Example: A .prt Print "c:Files"/p %1"
The example above adds the action "Print"
(Note: Use the R operation above before using the A operation)

Usage: D FileExt [Key]
Example: D .prt
The example above deletes the registered extension for .prt

To see the entire usage: MkAction | More