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(Windows 95 or higher)

MAPIADDR is an E-Mail Address Book Tool for use with MS Exchange Client, included with Windows 95 (see OUTLADDR if you use MS Outlook).

This program creates an RTF word processor file (supported by MS Word, and WordPad, included with Windows 95), merging field values from MAPI Address Books.

Address Book is used to select the entry from which field values will be read, File Browser available to enter a Text or RTF Form File and output file.

MAPIADDR reads the form RTF file and writes the output file, replacing tokens from the Form file with field values.

A Make Form button displays a list of available fields. Selecting one or more fields copies token(s) to the clipboard for pasting directly into an RTF editor (such as WordPad or MS Word).

Variable macros /n, /t, and /s at the end of variable names may be used to insert line feed(s), tab(s) or space(s) before variable values conditionally if variable value is > "".