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(Windows 95 or higher)

IconMenu - (C) Copyright 2008, Incode Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

IconMenu is ListView style menu program. It works like Windows Explorer for opening files and launching programs with the following enhancements:

menu selections are contained in a single file instead of separate LNK files.

position, style and all settings are saved in the menu file, assuring that when a menu is run it will always appear with the same settings. Explorer does not reliably maintain the settings for an indefinite number of explorer windows. It often even displays the wrong icon for a shortcut.

menu file is a simple INI type file, instead of binary LNK files, allowing a menu file to be generated by any program, even a batch file.

may be launched hidden.

may be positioned using the keyboard as well as the mouse.

Menu, as well as each Icon, may be assigned a help file of any registered type (HTML, DOC, TXT), which explains how the menu or the icon is used.

menu files may be used across all 32-bit versions of Windows where Explorer LNK files do not always work properly from one version of Windows to another.

on Run option allows menu to automatically minimize after launching an program or file.

menu may be hidden.

bar may be hidden or shown without affecting other Explorer windows. Showing or hiding the status bar on some versions of Windows is global for all Explorer windows.

Col Headers option in Details View (not available in Explorer).

Grid Lines option in Details View (not available in Explorer).

to Grid option (not available in Explorer).

Screen mode (not available in Explorer).

property in Details View (not available in Explorer).