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(02-05-1996 12:05pm GETVOL.EXE)
GETVOL - Disk Volume Name Batch file utility
(C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1989-1992.
All Rights Reserved.

Usage: [Drive_letter:]Volume_Label[/N][/R]
GETVOL first checks the indicated drive to see if Volumn_Label
is already mounted, if it is, GETVOL returns ERRORLEVEL 0 without

GETVOL sends a prompt to the Standard Error device for a disk
with a volumn name matching the parameter given on the command
line, waits for a keystroke, verifies the correct volume is in
the drive, (retrying if necessary).
The key will abort the program with ERRORLEVEL 1.
Allows batch files to prompt for specific disks
and verify correct disk is inserted.

If /N option (No ask) is used, GETVOL does not ask for volume, but simply
exits with ERRORLEVEL 0 if volume is mounted, ERRORLEVEL 1 if not.

If /R option (retry) is used, GETVOL continually checks for volume.

ERRORLEVEL is 2 if command line syntax error.