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(05-06-2004 11:32am GETPARMS.EXE)

GetParms c Copyright 2002-2004 Incode Systems, Inc.
Usage: [-Option] Parm1 Parm2 Parm3 "CommandLine %1 %2 %3"
Where: each Parm is the name of a parameter prefixed with a type code:
st-String, si-SmallInt, in-Integer, wd-Word, bo-Boolean, fl-Float, dt-Date, tm-Time, ts-TimeStamp
CommandLine is a command line containing %1, %2, etc.
Parameters may not contain spaces, however, an underscore will be displayed as a space in the dialog.
CommandLine should be enclosed with double quotes.
"-t:Dialog Title" Default Title is the root name of the program contained in CommandLine
-Min Run CommandLine minimized
-p:@ Changes Parameter flag from % to @
-Debug Shows parse elements before executing CommandLine
If a Parm is named Password (or Password with a type code prefix) the asterisk is displayed on entry.
If a Parm is named with a trailing "_", it is not required.
Example: dtFirst_Date dtLast_Date "MyBAT.bat %1 %2"