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(Version 0.9)

(Windows Program 95 or higher)

FrontMan - (C) Copyright 2006, Incode Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

FrontMan is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the FrontEnd real-time GUI (Graphical User Interface) system.

FrontMan contains an embedded copy of FrontEnd, allowing real-time modification of FrontEnd controls, specifications, and parameters. Unlike compiler IDE's, FrontMan property list editors, control position tools, and control sizing tools modify the application in real-time, while the embedded FrontEnd is executing. No compile step is required. This frees the form designer from the time-consuming modify, compile, execute cycle, dramatically improving the form design process.

FrontEnd may be used to create a large variety of user interfaces to other programs, including command line programs with complicated command line switches. Command line programs may be run hidden so the user only sees the GUI front end.