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(03-20-1998 1:10pm FREEDISK.EXE)
FREEDISK - (C) Copyright 1998, Incode Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

FREEDISK (Make free disk space utility)
(C) Copyright 1998, Incode Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Usage: DRIVE:/Volume BytesNeeded FileSpec1 [FileSpec2 ...]
Parameter on command line may be used to specify the drive letter,
or Volume Label; use "_" for current drive.
FREEDISK checks DRIVE for BytesNeeded free disk space
If free bytes on DRIVE >= BytesNeeded, exits with ERRORLEVEL 0.
If not, deletes the oldest file matching FileSpec1 and checks
free space again, if still less, deletes oldest matching FileSpec2
and so on, through FileSpecN. Loops through each FileSpec, deleting
the oldest until free bytes >= BytesNeeded, or no more files matching
any FileSpec.
BytesNeeded may be followed immediately by "%" - BytesNeeded is
calculated as percent of drive size.
ERRORLEVEL 1 is set if unable to make free disk space.
ERRORLEVEL 2 is set if invalid drive, BytesNeeded > DiskSize.
Files marked Read-only are NOT deleted.