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(Version 0.9)

(Windows Program 95 or higher)

(06-25-2002 9:57am FIND_TAB.EXE)

Find_Tab searches tab delimited, comma separated variable, or other text files, accumulating the rows to a grid. Multiple files may be specified including file specifications with * and ?, allowing entire directories to be searched.

Searches may be setup and saved in files so the search may be repeated without setting it up over again.

The result of the search may be viewed in the grid, saved to a tab delimited text file, or copied to the clipboard. The font color and size in the grid may be changed and saved as the default for the user.

Built-in telephone dialer and file execution tools allow the search result to be used to:

- Dial the telephone using a telephone number contained in a grid cell.

- Launch a web site using a web address contained in a grid cell.

- Send an e-mail to an e-mail address contained in a grid cell.

- Launch a program or file contained in a grid cell.