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(04-11-1996 4:33pm FINDPARA.EXE)
FINDPARA - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1989. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: [options] "Search_String"/SrchFile [FileToSearch] [OutputFile]
If FileToSearch and/or OutputFile is given they override StdIn and StdOut.
If OutputFile is given, and it exists, Output is appended

-A = "And" is used (instead of or) for multiple search
(all strings must be found in Paragraph)
-C = Return count of Paragraphs found (only)
-F = Return file name (only) where Paragraph is found
-D = Search subdirectories
-I = Ignore upper/lower case distinctions
-Ln = Length of KEY (ex: /L5)
-Nn = Return the Nth Paragraph found (only)
-N = Return the line number
-V = Return Paragraphs that DO NOT match
-+n = Starting position (column) of KEY (ex: /+25)
-W = Whole words only

Parameter specified single search string when double (")
or single "'" quoted.
If not quoted, assumed to be a file, containing one or
more search strings to be checked.
Paragraphs in the StdIn are considered to be separated by
blank line. If any one of the search strings is found
in the Paragraph, the entire Paragraph is sent to the StdOut.

Maximum Paragraph length is 256 lines. Paragraph break is
inserted after 256 lines, if not encountered.

Maximum line length is 255.