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(Windows Program 95 or higher)

FileOp - Copyright (C) 2008, Incode Systems, Inc.
version 0.9

Usage: [options] Operation FileSpec [OutputFile]

FileOp performs a file operation using the same progress and
confirmation dialogs as Windows Explorer.

FileSpec is the file name on which the operation is to be performed
(wildcards ? and * allowed)
OutputFile is destination directory or file name (default, working directory).

-AllowUndo Preserve undo information, if possible.
-FilesOnly Do not process folders if wildcards used.
-NoConfirmation Respond Yes to all confirmation boxes
-NoConfirmMkDir Do not confirm creation of directories
-NoConnectedElements Do not move connected files as group
-NoCopySecurityAttribs Do not copy file security attributes
-NoErrorUI Do not display error dialog
-NoRecursion Do not process subdirectories
-NoUI No user interface (for Vista)
-RenameOnCollision Rename destination files, if necessary.
-Silent Do not display progress dialog box.
-SimpleProgress Do not show individual file names.
-WantNukeWarning Warn if permanently deleting a file.
-ProgressTitle:My_Progress_Title Use double quotes if embedded spaces

FileOp - Copyright (C) 2008, Incode Systems, Inc.
version 0.9

To view complete usage, type:
FileOp -? | MORE