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(Windows 95 or higher command line utility)

Usage: [options] [InputFile [OutputFile]]

Dups reads lines from sorted InputFile and writes only those lines
which are duplicated to OutputFile.
If InputFile is not given, Standard Input is used.
If OutputFile is not given, Standard Output is used.
OutputFile may be the same file as InputFile.
InputFile and OutputFile lines are delimited with ASCII 13,10.
If InputFile is out of sequence, a warning is written to Standard Error
and ERRORLEVEL is set to 2.

-C = Return count (only) of lines found. ERRORLEVEL 1 if > 0.
-I = Ignore upper/lower case distinctions
-N = Return line numbers
(note: options above may be combined, ex: -cin)
-+n = Starting position (column) of KEY (ex: /+25)
-Ln = Length of KEY (ex: /L5)