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(Windows Program 95 or higher)

DOC2File - Copyright (C) 2003-2012, Incode Systems, Inc.
version 1.0.0 mailto:sales1Usage: [options] DOCFileName[.doc] [SaveAsFileName] [FileFormat]

DOC2File uses Word OLE Automation to load DOCFileName
and save it as SaveAsFileName (Word 97 or up must be installed).
If SaveAsFileName is not given, the fileName is DOCFileName.doc
If FileFormat is not given, FileFormat is determined by the extension.
The following tokens are used for FileFormat:
DOC, DOT, DOSText, DOSTextBrk, DOSTextLayout, FilterHTML, HTML,
HTMLDoc, PDF, RTF, Text, TextBrk, TextLayout, Unicode, WebArc, WinWord2,
WinWorks3, WinWorks4, WinWrite, Word95, WordPerfect51, WordPerfect5Sec,
WordPerfect5, WordPerfect51DOS, WordPerfect5Win, XML, XPS

FileFormat may also be a number to allow use of future formats.

-H+ (or -H) Show hidden text
-H- Do not show hidden text

ERRORLEVEL is 0 if Ok, or one of the following:
1 - DOCFileName not found
2 - Unable to overwrite FileName
3 - Word not found.
4 - Word error.
5 - Invalid FileFormat.

DOC2File - Copyright (C) 2003-2012, Incode Systems, Inc.
version 1.0.0 mailto:sales1(to view entire help, type: DOC2File | MORE)