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(06-21-1995 3:45pm DIFTEMP.EXE)
DIFTEMP - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1989-1994. All Rights Reserved.

Reads text from standard input, writes output to standard output.
Parameter on command line names a text file containing a template
which is used to field the input file.
Fields are marked in the text file with a "A" or "@" for alpha
fields, "N" or "#" for numeric fields.
Two field marker characters are provided so that they may be
alternated in case two adjoining fields of the same type exist.
The line length for both the template and input file is limited
to 255 characters.

Numeric fields are checked for a trailing negative sign, and
changed to leading negative sign; any nonnumeric characters are
Alpha fields are checked for embedded double quote characters
and changed to single quote characters.