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(10-17-1995 3:02pm DIFF.EXE)
DIFF - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1995. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: [Options] File1 File2 [OutFile]
-e = output extended ed commands
-b = ignore trailing blanks (spaces and tabs)

DIFF reads File1 and File2 (assumed to be text files)
and writes the differences to OutFile. OutFile defaults
to the Std Output device, if not given.
Output is in the form: (# indicates a line number)
***** Delete File1 lines: # - #
***** Insert File2 lines # - # after File1 line: #
***** Change File1 lines # - #
Insert and Change items are followed by the lines to be inserted,
ending with a line containing a single "."
The deletes and inserts generated by DIFF are the changes
to File1 needed to make File1 match File2.
Line lengths are limited to 255.

Output with -e option is in the form:
n1,n2 d
n1 a
n1,n2 c