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(Windows Program 3.1 or higher)
(06-12-2001 11:54am DBIMPORT.EXE)

DBIMPORT is a windows-based utility program which imports data from tab or comma delimited text files to any ODBC Database.

Columns from source file may be mapped to any field (or fields) in Destination Database based on column number or column name from first line in text file.

Options allow setting maximum number of errors to allow before abort. Writes message file, reject file, and errors file.

If a Client-Server Database, option allows rollback on abort.

Option allows Add Only, Update Only, Update / Add. Update modes required specfifying Database index.

Status screen shows Import rows processed, Remaining Time, Database Rows Added, Database Rows Updated, and Error count. Operator may cancel manually, Message File and errors file may be read by pressing a button on the status screen.

Reject file contains tab delimited text with Column names in line 1 (if Import file contained column names) with import lines which failed to Add or Update the Database.