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CONNECT - Automatic Computer Link Utility
(C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1989
All Rights Reserved.

CONNECT may be used as a batch file utility to make a modem
connection to a remote computer. If connection is successful
ERRORLEVEL is set to 0, if unsuccessful, it is set to 1
Environment table spec: MODEM=1 (or MODEM=COM1:) may be used
to override the default communications port.

Usage: PhoneNumber Port Baud Parity Stopbit Word_Length
Where: (defaults are in brackets [])
PhoneNumber = The number to be dialed
Port = The communications port to be used. 1/[2]/3/4
Baud = Baud rate 300/[1200]
Parity = E/O/[N]
Stopbit = [1]/2
Word_Length = 7/[8]