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(10-25-1995 4:33pm COMDOS.EXE)
This program shows no usage.
This program should not be used under Windows.

COMDOS is used to provide "supervised" execution of program over a communications connection. If a program name is entered on the commandline, that program is executed and COMDOS exits as soon as the program does. If no program name is entered on the commandline, COMMAND.COM (as defined in the environment variable COMSPEC=) is executed, providing a DOS prompt to the dialup user. The user may type EXIT to exit from the DOS prompt, which causes COMDOS to exit as well.

The supervision which COMDOS performs is to check the "on-line" status of the comport. If the comport goes off-line (connection is broken), COMDOS automatically reboots the machine. The comport checked is defined by MODEM=COMn: in the environment table (where COMn: is the name of the comport, example: MODEM=COM1:).

Note: In order for COMDOS to function properly, The Carrier Detect line of the modem must be tracking the state of the line. Most modems do NOT do this by default. Hayes compatible modems may use the command ATto change the mode of the carrier detect line so that the carrier detect line will drop when the connection is broken.