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CLIPCODE - 03-19-1998

ClipCode is a programming tool particularly useful when writing program generators. ClipCode reads the contents of the clipboard (if contents is text), and converts it to the language needed to output the text.

ClipCode contains an edit field labeled Output file: which will be used as the output file name in the generated writeln statement.

Input: S:=This+'That'+Other;
Output: writeln('S:=This+'+#39+'That'+#39+'+Other;');

Languages supported are Pascal, BASIC, and C++. To change languages, click on the label immediately above the file edit field and select the language from the popup menu. The label will change to reflect the language selected.

Multiple lines of code may converted at the same time (up to about 32K of text) with a line length limit of 255.

1. To use ClipCode, select the text to be converted in your editor and copy to the clipboard.

2. Press the Convert button in ClipCode.

3. Leave the same text selected in your editor and paste the clipboard back. This should result in the replacement of the original code with the converted code.