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CHKCOM - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1992. All Rights Reserved.

CHKCOM searches for a modem attached to any of the communications
ports (1 through 4).
The status of each port is reported to the screen,
and the following lines are reported to the StdOut device, which
may be redirected to a file for inclusion in a batch:
INITCOMM COMn: (baud) N 8 1
Where COMn is the first port found with an answering modem (COM1:,
COM2:, etc.), and (baud) is 1200 or 2400 (if modem will answer at
2400 baud).
Line settings on all ports are returned to their original values
after testing.
ERRORLEVEL is set to 1 if no modem is found.