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(01-01-1992 3:41pm BIN2PCX.EXE)
BIN2PCX - (C) Copyright Glenn B. Lawler, 1990. All Rights Reserved.

Usage: Input_File Output_File
Where: Input_File is the name of the file to convert to PCX
Output_File is the name of the file to which output
is written (.PCX extension assumed)
BIN2PCX converts any file to a PCX format.

(see also: PCX2BIN)

This program was designed to allow sending binary data files from one FAX Modem to another. The FAX modem software must be able to send PCX files and must not distort them when they are transmitted. The process is that the sender converts the binary file with BIN2PCX and transmits the resulting PCX file. The receiver saves the FAX image (which will appear as a bunch of random dots) as a PCX file and convert it back with PCX2BIN. By using a compression utility, you can send more than one file and preserve the file names and time stamps. The compression utility also provides an integrity check that assures you will know that your data was transmitted accurately.