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(04-12-2004 4:02pm BF.EXE)

BF (Browse Files) (Version 4.0 Release date: 4/12/2004 4:02pm)
Clipboard tool for files

Browse Files opens a common file open dialog from which the user may select a file.
Pressing the Open button puts the filename on the clipboard. If the file contains embedded spaces, the file name is double-quoted.


BF was primarily designed as an assist when using the command prompt. Long file and directory names make it difficult to enter a long filename on a command line.

To add a filename to a command line using BF:

Type BF and press enter at the command prompt.

Select the file you want from the open file dialog and press the Open button.

Paste the clipboard to the command prompt. In Windows 95-98 you can activate the paste button on the tool bar of the command prompt window. In Windows NT, you can do Alt-Space, E, P.

If the Cancel button is pressed, the ERRORLEVEL is set to 1. To return this errorlevel in a batch file, START /W must be used to run BF.

Usage: [-option1] [/option2] [FileName]


-? Display help file.

-A:print Prints the selected file (any other registered action may be used).

-C Command line is given containing a percent sign (%). The percent sign is replaced with the selected file(s). If more than one file, they are separated with spaces. If command line does not contain a percent sign, selected file(s) are appended to command line. A space must separate the program from parameters (if any).

-E Return the file name without the extension.

-F Return the file name and extension only (omit the path).

-M Multiple selection. Allows selecting more than one file from the same directory. Hold the Shift key down to select a contiguous range of file names, or hold the Ctrl key down to select individual files.

-NoClose Normally, the program closes after file selection. This option repeatedly displays the dialog until the cancel button is pressed. All files are then returned. This allows selecting multiple files from different directories.

-O Open the selected file name.

-ShortName (or -S) Returns the short version of the file name.

If FileName is supplied on the command line, the selected file name is written to file specified. If the file specified already exists, it is appended. If the user cancels, the file is not created or appended.