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Graphics Device Markup Language (GDML)

GDML is an XML application language that describes exact page layout information for graphics devices such as printers.

While HTML is great for describing pages viewed on screen, the same pages when printed from a browser often vary significantly from one browser to the next or even one version of the same browser to the next.

GDML provides a simple language for exacting control over font face, size, and placement. In addition, GDML implements features which HTML does not attempt to address, such as vector graphics.

The GDML Tag Reference is written in GDML and is a good example of GDML code.

To examine the original GDML version of GDMLTags, click this link: GDMLTags.gdm
If your browser does not display the text, download the file and open the file with Notepad or any other text editor.

GDMLView.exe is a GUI Windows program that is a viewer/printer for GDML files. It works like the PDF Viewer that most people use.

GDMLPrt.exe is a command line Windows program that prints GDML files. Perfect for automating the printing of GDML file for automatic report printing or conversion to PDF files.

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